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Centering organizations on people



Adaptative Leadership

Growing emotional intelligence in leaders 

Relational innovation, building trust to perform, leading through changes

Leadership Comprendre le leadership adaptatif



We provide tools to 


Fuel innovation with inspiring new ideas

Empower others through authentic leadership

Increase team autonomy and effectiveness


Relational effectiveness

Building trust with quality relationships

Management soft skills, team dynamics, effective communication

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We provide tools to 


Speak publicly with more impact and less stress

Prevent and manage conflits and crises 

Communicate in difficult situations



Our expertise

Leadership – Relational effectiveness – Creative thinking

To Zebraction, these are the 3 pillars of successful organizations today. 


  • Leadership is the art of bringing different personalities, viewpoints and motivations together, through the effective fulfillment of a common aspiration. 
  • Relational Effectiveness is a skill-set with is’t own toolbox for reaching mutually satisfying agreements by identifying common interests while keeping in mind that what separates us may also enrich us. 
  • Creative thinking is a 4 step process : 1) sizing up the stakes and constraints of a given situation. 2) exploring a wide range of out-the-box possibilities. 3) nurturing best ideas so they’ll do an amazing job. 4) planing tactics and support for testing and implementing your innovation.
L'art de la Zebrattitude
Stephen Mahoney Zebraction

Stephen Mahoney Zebraction

Stephen Mahoney Zebraction


Stephen Mahoney founded Zebraction to help rebuild organizations around people. He provides effective tools and frameworks to inspired leaders and teams. He’s both English and French, and has been teaching, coaching and entertaining in his two native tongues since 1989.

As a practiced musician, singer and meditator, he’s consistently noticed how emotions, communication and creative thinking skills open natural freeways to empowerment, growth, and value at the bottom line.

He designs and facilitates seminars to increase awareness of natural warm skills, enhance emotional intelligence and boost creative thinking. He’s focus is as much on corporate value as it is on personal and social fulfillment.


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